About Us

3D at Depth is the world’s only true commercial deep-water LiDAR technology company. Our end-to-end contactless measurement solutions enable the insight-driven evaluation and management of offshore assets, submerged environments, and water-filled infrastructure; even at the most challenging depths and environments.We provide a complete portfolio of measurement, monitoring, inspection, survey, and diagnosis solutions – taking customers from acquisition to answers. All our digital products and services are built on the company’s patented true LiDAR acquisition technology. Pioneered by our specialist engineers and proven in the field for repeatability, it’s deployed at a long-range for maximum efficiency with minimal disruption through contactless measurement, inspection, and monitoring. The result is high-quality, 3D millimetric point clouds that add new levels of detail and value to underwater data campaigns in the energy, utilities, and scientific industries. Measure in 3D, manage in 4D.