About Us

As a company with more than five years of experience in Autopilot production, UAS development and Flight services, A-techSYN is a producer and IP owner of the PilotUS Autopilot and several fixed-wing UAV's ranging from 4 kg to 150 kg MTOW, 8 kg Payload capacity and up to 10 hours endurance. A-techSYN has developed innovative and sustainable ways to transfer high-value sets of IP and field experience to UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) applications and to expand to international markets from Ireland and become one of the main actors. The business idea is built on the IP of Autopilot Hardware and Software, the IP of Ground Control Station Software and several smaller IP modules (Tracking Antenna, Pitot Tubes, Landing Gears, Retraction Mechanisms etc.), which belong to the Company. A-techSYN’s mission is to become a one-stop partner for all UAS projects, R&D, applications and development.A-techSYN Autopilot system, The AvionicsMini is a flight controller that packs all necessary sensors in one box and provides redundancy as well. Barometric and airspeed sensors, compass, IMUs, all come in doubles. The AHRS algorithm used is unique and provides excellent results. The communication system is abstracted so customers can use any modem with a serial or CAN connection. The AvionicsMini has a CAN port. This enables it to control or communicate with more than 120 additional components. We also provide serial-to-CAN and PWM-to-CAN etc. adapters even for those components that do not support CAN.The most important difference is that it comes with distinct connectors for the components and makes it very easy to connect to a UAV. Whether you are developing a new one or just looking for an alternative or upgrade to your existing Flight Controller, it is straightforward to connect and start flying with it.