About Us

Accipiter Radar is a global provider of high performance radar surveillance solutions built upon its patented Radar Intelligence Network™ (RIN) Platform Technology. Accipiter Surveillance-to-Intelligence™ (S2I) solutions are designed to detect and track small uncooperative targets such as pleasure-craft, low flying aircraft, drones, birds and ground targets. The result is enhanced security and safety through unprecedented all domain awareness for modern day applications such as coastal surveillance, search & rescue, port security, maritime security, border enforcement, law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, perimeter security, bird and drone strike prevention and environmental protection.Accipiter Radar promotes and sells systems and services to three specific market sectors; Homeland Security, Aviation Safety & Security & Environmental Protection. In Homeland Security, Accipiter provides intelligent radar surveillance solutions to law enforcement, border protection agencies and search & rescue as well as critical infrastructure such as hydro electric dams; while in Aviation Safety, Accipiter delivers unprecedented 3D situational awareness to civilian airports and military airbases for bird and drone strike prevention both on and off the airfield, as well as ground surveillance for security and vehicle movement safety. In Environmental protection, Accipiter offers the best in class radar activated deterrent system for mining sites and windfarms, enabling reduction and prevention of harm to bird populations.Accipiter Radar is headquartered in Ontario, Canada with our American Headquarters in New York State, USA. Our extensive network of qualified strategic partners enables us to deliver our high quality systems and services globally, ensuring excellence in matching system selection & specifications to customer requirements, installation, training, documentation and local maintenance and technical support.