About Us

The Acutronic Group has a proud history of building and investing in technologies and teams that are crucial to the aerospace, defense, and transportation industries.

Acutronic’s Simulation & Test Division is the global market leader in the development, design, and manufacture of Inertial Guidance Test Systems and Hardware-In-the-Loop motion simulators. These high-precision motion simulators are used in the aerospace, defense, automotive, and consumer electronics industries to test and calibrate inertial sensors (e.g., gyroscopes and accelerometers that measure movement); Inertial Navigation Systems; stabilized electro-optics; Electronic Stability Control systems; and the in-flight engagement scenarios of missiles. Systems include single- and multi-axis rate tables, flight motion simulators, and target motion simulators. The Division’s U.S.–based team also develops and refurbishes stabilized or gimballed-platforms utilized in applications such as tracking mounts, gun turrets, and directed-energy systems.

Acutronic’s Aerospace Components Division develops and manufactures specialty components for use on unmanned and optionally-piloted aircraft. These products are used on next-generation aerospace programs and include a range of electric power systems, servo-actuators, micro turbines, and Hybrid-Electric-Propulsion-Systems. Acutronic Aerospace offers standard products and excels at designing highly customized solutions for demanding mission requirements.

The Acutronic Group employs about 200 employees across sites in Austin, Texas; Baltimore, Maryland; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Switzerland; Germany; and India.