About Us

Founded in 2015, AeroDefense offers solutions to detect drones and pilots at correctional facilities, stadiums, critical infrastructure, and other high value targets. AeroDefense’s patented drone detection system, AirWarden™, detects and locates both drone and pilot simultaneously providing actionable intelligence for security teams to respond effectively (and safely) to drone threats.AirWarden has participated at multiple Army and Department of Homeland Security drone detection technology assessments. It also underwent extreme RF environment tests at an NFL stadium during the 2017 season and was selected for permanent deployment in 2018.AirWarden is also deployed at several correctional facilities across the country. AirWarden is the first and only drone detection solution to receive the Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act Developmental Testing and Evaluation Designation.AeroDefense is a U.S. based, woman-owned company operating within the legal requirements of drone detection technologies. The engineering team that built the software is based solely in New Jersey.