About Us

Aeromapper - Geodata for your business Aeromapper is a French long range drone manufacturer and operator since 2012. We are specialized in aerial mapping and monitoring services for large areas or linear networks. Your success is our priority. Our experienced and skilled team, including professionals with a strong background in the surveying industry, is always willing to help with your projects. The AVEM, our long range UAV system entirely developed in-house, has been designed for topography operations and has every necessary characteristic to fulfill demanding data collection missions. Today the AVEM propose best performances of the market in its category. Thanks to our team and the AVEM, the way we answer your needs is unique on the market. From feasibility study to delivering end products (Orthophoto, DTM, DSM, cloud, etc..), we run operations from start to finish to deliver products defined according to your specifications, with a resolution up to less than 1cm per pixel !