About Us

Agerpoint provides ground truth to empower trusted carbon markets and a sustainable food system. Through a combination of artificial intelligence, high performance computing, computer vision and advanced analytics, the Agerpoint platform fuses together sensor data from mobile devices, terrestrial vehicles, drones and satellites with other information and human observations to create a highly precise, quantifiable and interactive digital record to enable better decision-making for clients across agrochemical and food and beverage R&D, forestry, production agriculture, government and conservation organizations. Agerpoint's Know Your Carbon™ serves to provide credibility and transparency to carbon credits by leveraging Agerpoint’s unique ability to create highly accurate 3D plant models and efficiently extract physical measurements and health information using automation and AI. Know Your Carbon™ was recognized by the World Economic Forum as a winner of the Carbon Market Challenge as announced at the UN’s Climate Change Conference, COP 26. Agerpoint was also named a 2022 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. With these advancements, our mission is to improve quality of life for our planet’s inhabitants and mitigate climate change by enabling a transformational shift in how we measure and understand plants, crops and forests.