About Us

AiNET® is a recognized leader in high technology solutions requiring mission critical IT infrastructure coupled by best-in-class industry support. AiNET is a premier Cloud and Data Center provider. Its wholly-owned Tier-IV datacenters, fiber optic networks and VMWare, Citrix and EC2-style secure cloud offerings are the ideal compliment to your datacenter consolidation and secure cloud needs. AiNET has the only provably-secure Cloud offerings using Suite B object-based encryption. AiNET has three keys to its customers'​ success. Strategy Prosperity in the global marketplace requires timing, precision and execution. The internet provides a gateway to the world; opens doors to business-to-business and business-to-end user opportunities around-the-clock. The complexity can be daunting with topics like: access, hosting, application outsourcing, bandwidth, and fail-over. Direction Finding a partner to meet the challenges of an effective internet solution is the single most important aspect of your overall internet strategy. The wrong choice could mean hours of frustration, millions in lost revenue and worse, loss of valued customer relationships. Execution Our mission is to provide the best strategic solutions for our customers integrating the latest technology with practical business sense. No aspect of performance, security, reliability or accountability is overlooked. To succeed in the global marketplace, can you really afford anything less?