About Us

AIR6 SYSTEMS, headquartered in Klagenfurt, Austria is the LEADING MANUFACTURER of high-quality drones for professional applications. These include manual and automated flights for surveying / mapping / measuring, cinematography, agriculture & forestry, inspection / surveillance, disaster response and various industrial tasks.The group includes AIRBORNE ROBOTICS Ltd. based in London / UK and AIR6 SYSTEMS GmbH in Munich / Germany.AIR6 SYSTEMS is a supplier of 1) turnkey DRONE SYSTEMS - series production with a high degree of customization (customizing) for special applications and in particular of 2) drones for HEAVY PAYLOADS. The latter allows a variety of professional applications, the simultaneous use of multiple sensors and long flight times.For MEASUREMENT / MAPPING / MEASURING and CONSTRUCTION PLANING, AIR6 SYSTEMS offers a complete range of drone solutions covering 95% of all currently possible applications, including:- AIR8 Medium Lifter Drone: LiDAR / Laserscanning, industrial and scientific research;- AIR6 Allrounder Drone: photogrammetry, mapping, construction supervision, precision measuring in open pit mining, thermal measurement / inspection, etc.- AIR4 and AIR4 indoor droneWe manufacture top quality products,

MADE IN AUSTRIA, which distinguish themselves in any professional segment from competing products, in particular through:

- REDUNDANCY (increased fail-safety through two electronic circuits, important for use in built-up areas and for operating safety case (OSC) requirements);

- FLIGHT PERFORMANCE (payload, time of flight, power reserve, stability);

- OPEN PLATFORM (possibility to mount any sensor or payload);

- CUSTOMIZING (tailor-made systems).