About Us

The AirSelfie products are the world’s first and only pocket-sized flying cameras that connect to your smartphone, allowing you to take HD photos of your friends and life from the sky.They fit in your pocket and weigh only few oz/gr. The high-definition 12/13 megapixel and up to 4k camera feature anti-vibration shock absorption technology that lets you take great wide-angle shots. Easy to control from your smartphone fliying up to 65 ft (20m) or more. The AirSelfie products are controlled via the free for download iOS and Android app. Shoot photos, take videos and share your memories directly on social media to astound your friends!AirSelfie – the products and their accessories – have been designed by an international team of talent hailing from all over the world. Developers and engineers from Shenzhen, Italian designers, experienced corporate leaders all coordinated by the AirSelfie Holdings Group, which through its affiliates, manages development, production and distribution globally.