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Home of TriSonica™ the Accurate Compact Lightweight 3D Ultrasonic AnemometerA highly accurate compact 3D ultrasonic anemometer ideal for mobile applications and smaller spaces, the TriSonica™ measures less than 170 mm in length, height, and width, and weighs less than 750 g. Even more diminutive, the TriSonica™ Mini offers 3D wind speed data in a package less than 100mm in all dimensions and weighing less than 40g.The TriSonica™ line was developed by Stephen Osborn, engineering designer of commercial and scientific three-dimensional anemometers currently offered by Applied Technologies, Inc. The TriSonica™ project was incubated in the SyncWerx program at Syncroness, Inc., the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce 2016 Small Business of the Year winner. The TriSonica™ line represents the fruit of Stephen’s more than 20 years’ experience in ultrasonic anemometry combined with Syncroness’ innovative product development approach.