About Us

Apellix is an aerial robotics company that develops autonomous aircraft with robotic arms and end effectors (hands) for use in industrial applications and the built environment. We engineer safer workplaces by programming drones to perform tasks in dangerous environments, with the worker safely out of harm’s way.

Our nondestructive testing (NDT) drones perform ultrasonic testing (UT) wall thickness and dry film thickness (DFT). To perform measurements, the pilot navigates the aircraft to the desired inspection area and activates the autonomous flight. The onboard computer then programmatically flies the aircraft to the material surface and achieves contact for measurement readings. Once sufficient readings are obtained, the aircraft backs away from the targeted wall and returns to a safe position awaiting navigation to a new area. Data can be reviewed in real-time on the ground at the test site, or securely in the cloud. The full data is also as an Excel or CSV file for review and records retention. See www.ApellixNDT.com for more information.

Our Powerwash/Cleaning Drone, for example, is able to spray 3,000 psi at 8 GPM on 120' elevated water towers.

Our Spray Painting Drone is currently under development.

Safety is fundamental at Apellix. By removing workers from dangerous environments, Apellix is engineering a safer occupational workplace for the maintenance, inspections, cleaning, and coatings industry. We create technology that eliminates the need for personnel to physically access elevated industrial surfaces and/or come in contact with dangerous substances. Reducing the number of injuries and deaths attributed to falls or hazardous substance exposure is a motivation we take with enthusiasm and pride.

We are a team of driven problem-solvers who embrace the challenge of revolutionizing an industry. We assiduously design, build, and deliver innovations to keep humans safe and out of harm’s way.