About Us

AquaSmartXL provides you with an additional pair of eyes on the water. Our aquatic drones help to observe and inspect assets as well as their surroundings, giving you all the needed information for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation or insurance. Our drones are equipped with sensors that see and register in great detail: in, on or below water. Our multipurpose platform offers among other optical, infrared and depth measurement. We offer turnkey project management to port operators, asset owners, insurers or government organisations. We help you with off-site inspections, reliability centred maintenance, risk mitigation, collision reports. We capture and register objectively the status of any object on or in water. Large amounts of data or detailed 3D models are geo-referenced and analysed or made available for inspection. The value of our Aquatic Drone services: • Unique flexibility for maneuvering in difficult-to-reach or dangerous areas above or just below the water surface • Performing inspections more frequently without the need to hire patrol vessels • Pro-active attitude towards unforeseeable hazardous situations and the ability to perform asset maintenance cycles on an as-needed basis • Eliminating threats from blind spots which are not reachable with today’s surveying and inspection systems • Quick and easy to deploy system that will reduce down-time of assets to days instead of weeks •We deliver a basis for Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance •Repeatable measurements and modelling allows for tracking changes over time