About Us

Since 2015, Arctech Charge has been working with two goals in mind (1) dramatically reduce battery charge times for improved efficiency and (2) provide intelligent battery management for better safety and decision making. Today, our patented technologies allow us to charge batteries up to 6x faster than traditional chargers. This enables us to meet the demands of the most rigorous battery applications. Whether you are managing a fleet of drones, delivery robots, or electric scooters, we can improve your return on investment with less equipment, cost, and downtime. Our intelligent battery management applications provide critical data to improve battery performance and safety. Now you can analyze and review the health and needs of each battery you are working with before putting your equipment (e.g. drones, delivery robots, e-scooters, etc.) at risk. Let us help you reduce critical malfunctions such as the risk of your scooters catching fire or your drones falling out of the sky.