About Us

ASMAN TECHNOLOGY is a French SME based in Nouvelle Aquitaine (France) which has developed an innovative data link to remotely control onboard sensors from the ground at about +/- 120 km. The whole system (including antenna and mission system) is designed internally. The communications are secured from end to end. ASMAN TECHNOLOGY also offers light surveillance systems among with ARLA 600 which is a ready-to-use mission aircraft of less than 600kg compatible with a large range of sensors (surveillance, photogrammetry, lidar, AIS, ADS-B…) and PHAETON 200 which is a tactical drone (under development). Both are remotely operable from the ground and compatible with integration into wider system. Thanks to its own design office, ASMAN TECHNOLOGY is able to ensure equipment integration into an third party aerial asset (DOA/PART 145 certification upon request). Lastly, equipped with a Manual of Specific Activities (MAP), ASMAN TECHNOLOGY can carry out aerial mission on behalf the end-customer.