About Us

Assystem, one of the world's leading independent nuclear engineering companies, is committed to accelerating the energy transition. We see ourselves as an activist in the development of nuclear energy, convinced that it is an essential part of the fight against climate change.

6,500 switchers, spread in 12 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East are working every day to make the energy switch by accelerating the development of nuclear and renewable energies, power grids, clean hydrogen projects and low-carbon transport.

We design and supervise major projects through our engineering activities and accelerate our customers' digital transformation. We also develop new solutions to build faster and improve the performance of complex infrastructures.

55 years of experience have made Assystem a key partner of the world's largest industrial groups: CEA, EDF, ENEC, Enedis, Engie, Framatome, ITER, K.A. CARE, Naval Group, NICDC, Orano, RATP, Rolls Royce, Royal Commission, Sellafield, SGP, SNCF...

Assystem is ranked in the Top 3 companies in the nuclear energy sector.