About Us

By applying AST motor technology to generators and mobility fields, Aster Co., Ltd. can make a significant contribution to the global environment. In addition, due to the structure that allows a large amount of current to flow at once with a large cross-sectional area and high lamination factor coil, it is expected to play an active role in the medical and industrial equipment fields that require high output and responsiveness .

In addition, the stacking of the coils has greatly improved heat dissipation, making it possible for the AST motor to have a sealed structure. As a result, we have achieved the world's first dustproof and waterproof performance (IP67 certified), which is indispensable for safe and secure drone flight. This performance will greatly improve the flight reliability of future mobility, the flying car." Aster 's technology is an important solution for protecting the global environment pioneering new applications and continuing to make people's dreams come true.