About Us

Atlas is a leading designer and manufacturer of autonomous UAV systems for professional use-cases, that works with a dominant defense, security, and infrastructure institutions in the U.S., the E.U., and Asia.Founded in the EU in 2015 by Aerospace and Robotics professionals with a vision to disrupt the UAV sphere, Atlas utilizes its proprietary and cost-effective technology to provides defense and security users with valuable data, quickly and safely, through advanced, highly resistant and easy-to-use products. Atlas’ award-winning aerodynamic design that generates lift and enables increased endurance, speed, weather resistance and range of 10km with HD streams of various payloads that fit with versatile missions. The UAVs is operated with a unique MESH communication system that enables multi drone control full integration to legacy C4I systems, and autonomous operation according to pre-planned mission and reaction. The Atlas System advantages create a new standard that is superior and cost-effective for tactical and autonomous UAS operation in the fields of defense, security and industrial applications. Atlas products are designed and manufactured in the E.U.