About Us

At atlatec, we are specialized in building maps for autonomous vehicles. These maps are used in self-driving vehicles already today. Mapping as a Service We deliver the map which suits your needs: No matter whether you require lane geometries only or a comprehensive set of landmarks and traffic rules, no matter which map format you are looking for – at atlatec, we have the tools, experience and processes to build your map quickly, efficiently and at low cost. Our maps are in use on different platforms, with different sets of features and formats and all around the globe. They stand out due to their high global and local accuracy. The quality assurance by humans make the maps reliable for autonomous driving. You specify your requirements, we produce, test and deliver your map. Localization A map is most useful if you can determine where in the map you are. We provide maps to give you an accurate position of the vehicle in real time. Leveraging the power of the map, this localization system even works in GPS-denied environments. Simulation Simulation is key to developing autonomous systems. We provide maps which are ready to use in simulation, including a wide variety of potential map features. Running simulations leveraging our maps means that you are no longer simulating on simplified, synthetic roads. You can test your systems for the complexity of the real world by using our digital twin of the real road.