About Us

AviSight is the industry leader in industrial inspections and advanced data solutions. We work with fortune 100 partners in all verticals of critical infrastructure including Power, Gas, Oil, Telecom, and Transportation. Our proprietary “C3UBE™” mobile command center and “Live Look Fault Vision™” are creating a generational paradigm shift in data collection and actionability that increases safety exponentially while achieving significant cost savings. It is akin to going from the stone ages, to literally, unmanned aviation! As a node of the Nevada FAA test site (NIAS), we have been working with our clients on the cutting edge of both legislative activity and regulatory expansion to ensure their ability to create BVLOS programs, that will help take their inspections into the 21st century. AviSight is veteran founded company that proudly employees several retired military heroes. With offices in Las Vegas and Houston, AviSight operates globally. © 2019 AviSight, Inc. All Rights Reserved.