About Us

The automotive industry is going through the most significant transformation since the industrial revolution with the adoption of new technologies such as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems - ADAS - and Autonomous Vehicles, the need for increased security, enhanced comfort as well as optimised energy consumption. Non-traditional automotive companies are blazing the trail and entering the industry leveraging artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality and are disrupting current business models. Simulation has become critical to test tremendous amounts of captured data, autonomous driving as well as human behaviours to ensure thorough testing before go-live. Autonomous Vehicle Simulation / AV Simulation is a leader in automotive simulation. We build advanced simulators and develop a virtual reality software called SCNAer that simulates traffic, terrain, vehicle dynamics, autonomous traffic, pedestrians, feedback and is used by many car manufacturers around the global to train Autonomous Vehicles. 2 - Our clients AV Simulation addresses about 200 clients in the following three main market segments: research, automotive engineering (covering automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers developing complete vehicles or systems) and training. 3 - Our simulators AV Simulation leverages 20 years’ experience and global credentials to build turnkey advanced driving simulators encompassing a complete vehicle with all equipments, dome with visual field of up to 360°, motion platform offering the highest degree of freedom, movement restitution at scale 1 and total Immersion. 4 - SCANeR™ SCANeR™ is a complete software tool meeting all the challenges of driving simulation. Far from being a “black box” tool, it is a genuine modular simulation platform, flexible, expendable and open, meeting the needs of researchers and engineers. It is structured around five dedicated graphical modes: terrain, vehicle, scenario, simulation and analysis.