Bjorkstrom Robotics AB

About Us

We are a team of experienced developers, architects, visual engineers and construction industry experts that have developed Augmented Reality 3D-visualization tools, Hägring, Hägring Tab and Hägring Panoptikon. We are based in Lund, Sweden. Hägring is based on an Augmented/Mixed/Virtual reality, AR/MR/VR technique. This technique, combined with high accuracy GPS, gives the user a unique experience whereby it is possible to see future buildings, that have not yet been built, on site. One can move around freely, into, and even through, the building. With Hägring Tab the user can see how the building fits into the existing surroundings as well as getting a feel of its dimensions, all in real time. Hägring Panoptikon is a web-based solution where you can upload videos from drones and BIM models. Panoptikon will automatically create a visualization movie where reality has been very accurately mixed with your BIM models. Great for project leaders or architects that wishes to have a project movie done easily and cost effective. Hägring products are easy to use. They are always available through the cloud, thus enabling the user to upload models anytime and providing continuous access to all the settings, movies and models.