About Us

Boresight was established by personnel with long term experience within the UAV, defence, intelligence, and law enforcement domains, with the aim of providing highly capable but affordable and expendable aerial targets.

Drone proliferation has meant that even unsophisticated adversaries are able to use drones for ISR or for weapons delivery. This is no longer an emerging threat – it is here and now. The nature of warfare and public safety has changed forever.

How you equip and train your forces for Counter-small UAS (C-sUAS) is becoming increasingly important. But how do you achieve the most realistic C-sUAS training to ensure your forces are fit to fight the evolving drone threat? By training against the actual threat, that’s how.

No soldier or system achieves proficiency in any discipline through inadequate or unrealistic training. The same applies for C-sUAS training. Proficiency cannot be expected in your soldiers on their C-sUAS capabilities if they can’t train effectively against simulated threats or where training is restricted due to the cost or capability limitations of the targets being used.

Boresight addresses these limitations by fielding cost effective yet highly capable aerial target drones. Boresight aerial target drones are cheap enough to enable the actual drones themselves to be readily targeted, but capable enough to provide for training scenarios that increase in complexity and difficulty as skills and proficiency improve. Boresight is a training enabler.

Boresight provides drones as C-sUAS aerial targets capable of mimicking the evolving threat from drones for both kinetic and RF based C-sUAS solutions. Boresight achieves this at a fraction of the cost of using commercial drones as targets. More targets for less money means you can train against more targets more often. This allows your forces to defeat more targets through repetition, which builds operator muscle memory and confidence, resulting in higher proficiency with your C-sUAS systems.