About Us

Boxfish Robotics was founded in 2016 with an objective to set the standard of underwater vision technology. We design and manufacture AUVs ,ROVs, and underwater resident vehicles to connect users with deep sea environments. Created for filmmakers, scientists, researchers, engineers and explorers, our solutions uncover the underwater world like no other.

Our co-founders Ben King and Craig Anderson had mutual interest in underwater photography, diving and exploration, which resulted in a fortuitous meeting while testing out their respective home-made ROVs at the same lake in Auckland, New Zealand. Both already had successful engineering careers, and their complementary skills in product design, robotics, electronics and software design enabled the company to develop its products entirely in-house.

In 2018, Boxfish Robotics introduced their Boxfish ROV. The first 4K Boxfish ROV was capable of transmitting uncompressed ultra-high definition 4K video to the surface from depths of up to 1000m. In March 2021 Boxfish Robotics launched the epitome of cinematography and expeditionary class ROVs – the 8K Boxfish Luna – built especially for professional cinematographers and natural history filmmakers.

In 2020 Boxfish Robotics with collaboration with Norwegian company Transmark Subsea they started development or their underwater resident drone, the ARV-i, that shares the same platform as the field proven Boxfish ROV and can be installed to live in and performs inspection autonomously from its dock underwater. Their current mission is to lead the autonomy revolution in underwater exploration driven by a passion for filmmaking, innovation and sustainable interaction with oceans.