Callen-Lenz Associates Ltd

Callen-Lenz Associates Ltd

About Us

Callen-Lenz experience spans both the public and private sector, the civil and military domain. Its aviation knowledge, leadership of collaborative multinational R & D and practical delivery in both the Unmanned and Manned field allows the group to provide up to date, focussed advice and support to customers and partners. The ability to draw experience from the operation of a wide range of aircraft be it Rotary or Fixed Wing manned or unmanned enables it to define, develop and deliver technical solutions and services for its clients.

Solutions include the provision of unmanned test platforms at a dedicated UAS flight test site, placing specialist Flight Test Personnel in key strategic roles in OEMs and advice to Industry and Government on UAS utilisation and regulatory approval.

Callen-Lenz is able to draw on a deep level of understanding and practical experience across a broad range of helicopter and fixed wing aircraft.

Unmanned operational experience spans both rotary and fixed wing operations, from sub 10 kg to 1800 kg platforms using a wide range of sensors in civil, military and integrated air traffic environments. For manned Rotary Wing, detailed knowledge spans the AgustaWestland and Eurocopter product ranges, enabling Callen-Lenz to offer a unique level of operational and programme based experience.

The capability to establish and conduct operations in demanding conditions using Unmanned Aircraft enables Callen-Lenz to provide customers with up to date advice on operations, air traffic integration and system capabilities.

Callen-Lenz wholly owns SkyCircuits Ltd, a specialist avionics solution manufacturer that develops and markets a range of autopilots and avionics systems for the unmanned and optionally manned domains; these solutions utilise safety critical architecture and are designed for valuable airframes used in demanding areas where safety, reliability and availability are key drivers.