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With over 25 years of delivering critical radar detection systems, Cambridge Sensoriis has developed a lightweight, highly sensitive, all weather and easy to install Radar technology. Suitable for use on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones, micro-Radar maximises automation and minimises costs. We can achieve high precision measurement of landing pads for autonomous control; locate a journey endpoint within centimetres, without GNSS; and provide assured positioning while a drone surveys infrastructure.Our pioneering technology is installed onto the drone itself, with insignificant impact on flight times, performance or load carrying.

We are enabling solutions such as:

- Power Line Inspection (Detection and avoidance of infrastructure whilst flying beyond the line of sight)

- Maritime (Automated support vessel landing and collision avoidance)

- Military Logistics (Automated endpoint location and landing to resupply forward positions)

- Vertiports (Localised airspace surveillance, landing pad management support)

- Railtrack Surveillance (Detection and avoidance during track inspections, beyond line of sight)Our RadarAwareTM and ARCTM systems are critical components of the drone and autonomous vehicle revolution, and we are part of the UK Research and Innovation’s Future of Flight Challenge.