About Us

Captec puts technology into demanding environments, bringing you closer to the data that matters. Our multi-disciplinary approach combines high-power computing, wireless electronics, and embedded software, within rugged electro-mechanical system design, to support your technology in any environment. We can meet the exact requirements of any application across multiple industries, irrespective of complexity or environmental demands.Whether it’s keeping the London Underground running, saving lives with medical equipment, securing nations in defence systems or entertaining with ergonomic gaming, our platforms are designed to meet the present and future needs of a continuously evolving world.In an age where humans and computers are converging fast, we keep your applications running, anywhere. Specialised ComputingIndustrial computing & embedded computing, integrated rack computing, tablets & panel PCsSmart EdgeElectronic design, electronic sub-systems, embedded software and IoT device designElectro-MechanicalFabrication, assembly, BOM management, certification management and finishingCabinets & EnclosuresElectronic design, electronic sub-systems, embedded software and IoT device designWith more than 35 years’ experience and knowledge of specialist computer systems, technological advancements and industry standards, we are committed to providing cutting edge solutions to our valued customers across all sectors and applications.Operating in some of the most challenging environments, we have invested heavily in research and development to fully understand the needs of our customers and deliver specialist computer systems tailored to exact specification while meeting compliance and industry standards.