About Us

Castle Creations is a leader in DC BRUSHLESS MOTOR DRIVES AND MOTORS for hobby, military and industrial markets. Based in a suburb of Kansas City, our roots are in the R/C (remote control) hobby industry and we've been dedicated to Overpowering R/C since 1997. We supply our customers with electronic speed controls (ESCs) and brushless motors (BLDC) that are industry leading in performance and power. Many of our products are packaged in popular R/C manufacturers vehicles,but our product line expands well beyond that. The principles that helped us grow from one man with a desire for something better"​ are still our driving force. We constantly strive to bring our customers products that are unmatched in quality design and reliability at an entirely competitive price.Mission:Castle Creations is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing innovative cost-effective and high performance solutions for the motion control industry.Vision:Through integrity and innovation Castle Creations will be the world leader in solutions for motion control.