About Us

Cedrat Technologies SA is a high tech SME specializing in high performance mechatronics:

- Smart Actuators : Actuators & motors based on piezoelectric materials, EAP, ultrasonic effects,

- Smart Sensors : Magnetic, magnetostrictive, piezoelectric sensors, transformers or generators ; Force, Torque, Position, Speed, contactless sensors.

- Mechatronic systems : Multi-dof mechanisms ; nano micro positioning ; motion control ; Active control / damping of Vibrations ; Vibration (Ultrasonic or sonic) assistance to process ; Proportional valves ; Fast injectors ; active / smart structures ; electro acoustic transducers ; sono reactors

- Detection systems : Health monitoring ; NDT using magnetic or acoustic effects ; Localisation

In these domains, Cedrat Technologies designs, manufactures & tests components, smart systems inc. electronics. Cedrat Technologies also performs R&D activities and transfers of technologies for mass production applications. Training activities complete these transfers .

Cedrat Technologies focus in highly-demanding mechatronic applications, as meet in air&space, defence, optronics, embedded instrumentations, machine-tool...Most of its piezo / magnetic actuators and mechanisms have been designed to withstand harsh environment (shocks, vibrations, TV) and have been space qualified. It is why its piezo / magnetic actuators & motors are used by NASA, JPL, ESA, CNES, ONERA, AIRBUS, BOEING, LOCKHEED MARTIN, SAGEM, SANDIA LAB, SENER, THALES... This robustness and high reliability are also useful for many other sectors.

Cedrat Technologies is owned by ACTIVE STRUCTURE FINANCE, a french holding SME.