About Us

Innovating company specialized on counter-rotating rotor UAV developed for civilian applications, and for aerial work. The Flying sensor’s original design gives it higher performance capabilities in gusty conditions. The helicopter is the aircraft which has the most complete flight envelope. As a monitoring UAV, it is the unique aerial vehicle, capable of accomplishing a task being in stationary flight, possessing nevertheless enough of dynamism to be able to move fast. Despite the UAV Flytting sensor was inspired from the helicopter, it does not have one of its major disadvantages: tail rotor. Having chosen two inverted rotors, the tail was removed, what makes the machine much compacter (it gave to the machine a purely circular structure). The inverted structure of the UAV Eyesfly represents originality in comparison with all its competitors: it is not built around an axle but around a cylinder, what allows to clear the internal volume in the center of the UAV (the volume which can hold the client’s payload).