About Us

Mobile and off-grid power systems based on lithium battery technology.Clayton Power cater for professional and consumer markets world-wide, and our power solutions are used with great success within a wide range of industries such as the automotive, maritime, and military. We develop and produce.At Clayton Power we develop and produce a broad range of energy products including remote-controllers, sine wave inverters, inverter/chargers, lithium ion batteries, and battery management systems.We deliver complete plug’n’play power systems and solutions that provides simplicity and are easy to install and control. We aim to satisfy your specific needs.We aim to be your preferred partner when it comes to efficient energy, and develop customer-specific products and know-how-related solutions. Quality, cost optimization, and design are among our key considerations as we aim to satisfy your specific needs.Our production facilities are based in Europe, which ensures flexible and skilled productions with short lead times and the best possible service for our customers. Founded with a pioneering spirit.Clayton Power is founded with a pioneering spirit as we continue to look for alternative methods and to continuously advance our knowledge and technology to optimize the mobile off-grid power solutions of the future. At Clayton Power we accept only the best solutions, and we invite you to explore the new era of lithium power technology with us.