About Us

Corintech was established in the UK in 1977 and offers complete Electronic Product Design and Manufacturing capabilities as well as producing a wide range of Environmental Data Measurement, Monitoring and Logging Devices. Today we provide a full turnkey solution for contract Electronic Design and Manufacturing, covering everything from PCB design and assembly to purchasing and full mechanical build. With premises in the UK and Hong Kong, our services allow for low volume high mix assembly in the UK and higher volume assembly in the Far East. This is all backed up by supply chain management and logistics expertise built up over many years of manufacturing in both the UK and FE. Corintech seamlessly combines electronic and industrial design to turn clients concepts into completed products, optimised for rapid turnaround in the UK and cost effective high volume manufacture in the Far East. Our FilesThruTheAirâ„¢ environmental monitoring range includes wireless and stand-alone data logging sensors, with PC or remote Cloud management, for use in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and domestic applications.