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DefSecIntel Solutions

About Us

DefSecIntel Solutions is freedom defenders’ partner in surveillance and control. More than 25 years of team experience within defense and security industries, in more than 25 countries, helping protect borders and law enforcements. DefSecIntel is focused on development and integration of autonomous and automated surveillance solutions for homeland security and defense agencies and critical infrastructure sectors. DefSecIntel' main product SmartSHIELD is a situation awareness system, which core is patent pending Mobile Autonomous Surveillance Platform (MASP) including aerial support recon subsystem and AI-powered C2ISR software Surveilaiz. The system uses unique machine learning detection models and advanced surveillance methods for automated classification and operations

SmartSHIELD system is suitable for:

• Land and Coastal state border monitoring and surveillance

• Military peacekeeping missions and force protection and temporary surveillance operations and missions (FOB)

• Critical infrastructure territories and area surveillance

• Police and Law enforcement operations

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