About Us

DoBots, Distributed Organisms, is a leading developer in robotic solutions in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We supply robots that can operate independently and develop innovative solutions by applying the Internet of Things, robotics, and big data. Our mission is to develop robots that make life a little easier. We want to help people and organizations by integrating intelligent machines into their daily lives so they can focus on more important things in life. We emphasize on the software used to make machinery fully automated and synergetic with its surroundings. Dobots works together with the engineers of the customer or partner to successfully integrate the developed concept with the necessary mechanics. Our experts create a simulation environment for the robot solution based on preliminary studies lowering investment costs and creating feasibility for your robotic project. Dobots supplies all software to the customer under an open-source license that guarantees further use for the customer. We specialize in software from the perspective of robotics and apply this to Smart Building and Smart Robots. DoBots uses robotic software in mobile robots and applies it to related fields such as indoor localization.