About Us

Founded in 2014, Drone Delivery Canada (“DDC”) is a publicly traded, award-winning, ISO 9001 certified, pioneering, technology company focused on designing, developing and implementing commercially viable, drone-based logistics systems. The Company's patented, fully integrated hardware/software platform is used in a managed service business model. We are fully commercialized, operational, and early-stage revenue-generating.

DDC provides a disruptive, advanced drone logistics infrastructure solution to support governments, commercial & industrial applications (emergency services, medical, last-mile delivery, mining, oil & gas, agriculture, parcel delivery, postal mail, military/security) and remote communities (Indigenous and non-Indigenous).

The solution is a fully integrated turnkey logistics platform including industrial-grade drones, automated DroneSpot(TM) depots, automated Battery Management Systems, a detect & avoid radar system, and proprietary FLYTE software to integrate all components into a safe & effective solution.

All flights are monitored from DDC’s Toronto Operations Control Centre, with operators supporting multiple drones at the same time, allowing for a scalable solution, compared to ground drone pilots paired to one drone at a time, as seen with many other drone companies. All patents and intellectual property belong to DDC.