About Us

DroneLogbook is the main product of DroneAnalytics, a Swiss company founded in 2015 by a team of experienced software developers and operations managers who have a passion for flying drones.

DroneLogbook has been supporting the commercial UAV industry since its inception and now serves thousands of UAV operators of all sizes with their scalable solutions. DroneLogbook provides operators with a cloud based application with all the features needed to maintain aviation administration compliance. In addition to inventory control and other asset management features, DroneLogbook provides mission planning applications, ability to import telemetry data from all major drone manufacturers and third-party applications, manage documentation and most importantly create compliance documentation in matter of seconds. DroneLogbook also provides Private label servers, to big organisations like press group, transport, university or energy and mining companies. Based on this experience and the recognition of their product, DroneAnalytics has recently launched a complete platform that serves as a foundation to accelerate the development of new vertical products such as the energy sector, first-responders or dedicated local legislation such as for Canada or Australia. Future innovations are also moving towards autonomous vehicles other than drones, such as autonomous cars or land and sea robots. DroneLogbook additional brands and products: - SafetyDrone.org : A DroneLogbook platform dedicated to 1st responders. https://www.safetydrone.org - DroneLogbook Australia: Support to CASA operations. https://www.dronelogbook.net.au