About Us

DroneRadar is an aeronautical software company that creates UTM solution. Company was founded by aviation professionals, experienced software engineers and architects. DroneRadar has a agile approach to the development of new technologies for aviation. We know, that Software changing the world. Nowadays software is changing Aviation market, faster than never before. DroneRadar implementing the EU U-Space concept by developing UTM Poland together with PANSA (Polish Air Navigation Service Provider - PAŻP), Military Traffic Management (Military Air Traffic Service of the Polish Armed Forces) and under the guidance from the Polish CAA (Civil Aviation Authority - ULC). The aim of the DroneRadar is to vastly improve airspace safety by providing a simple, low-cost solution to performing, monitoring and integrating UAS operations with the ATM flows. Today DroneRadar is an only UTM Solution being operational since December 2015 and being used, by Polish Military Air Forces and by the Polish Air Navigation Services (PAŻP) at the same time. The key element of DroneRadar solution, is an ANSP console. This is an interface to collect all data, and present them in proper way to the different level of ATS users (Civil Traffic Controllers in CTR, FIS in G space and Military Traffic Controllers in MATZ or MCTR). In June 2017, The DroneRadar platform won at the prestigious European Drone Hero competition in the category High Potential. Via DroneRadar open interfaces, it can be easily integrated with: • Other UTM Solutions (worldwide) allowing for instance Drone touristic services • Drone positioning systems (trackers, ADS-B) • UAV’s controller API for geofencing • ANSP standard protocols (eg. Asterix, SMILE, AIXM) • UAV and UAVO registration systems DroneRadar is a daughter company of dlapilota.pl, which has been continuously operating on the market since 2002. Some abbreviation used: UTM is an UAS Traffic Management ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider