About Us

Droni Tech is a sub-brand of the parent company Drovation Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Drones are the need of the hour, this industry is expanding rapidly and the time is now to step into this field and make use of its full potential. Keeping this in mind we have started Droni Tech as a full services Drone/UAV company where we provide every end of the spectrum from flying training to services to manufacturing.

A little more details of what we do,

1) UAV Flight training:We train customers to fly UAVs safely via short courses. These courses mainly aim to integrate a standard operating procedure among our pilots, where safety is our utmost priority. We have trained over 30 pilots who are qualified to carry out different types of UAV missions. Students are given theoretical training in classrooms along with on-ground practical field flying experience. Students are also given hands-on training on a simulator and also build their own custom drones. We also have ex-military guest lecturers who give an in-depth lecture on military drones and various drone applications across sectors.

2) UAV Services:Droni helps to deliver aerial imagery, do surveillance and reporting important key data for your business. We provide your business with the important data it needs to optimise operations, take less risk and do smart productive work. We provide a software suite of applications as per your industry thereby taking you leaps ahead in getting critical information about your business.In short, our services include:- Land and structural Mapping- Security and surveillance- Industrial Inspections- Disaster Management- Aerial imaging for Film and Television3) UAV Production:Droni is currently developing its prototype UAV for industrial purposes. The working model will be launched soon.