About Us

Software engineering, app development and integration services for airlines, aviation, aerospace & defense organizations. Our team has over 75 years of software engineering experience developing and deploying applications for the Commercial, Military, Business, and General aviation markets. From FAR to ITAR, we know the regulations, processes and data that are unique to the aviation & aerospace industry. - Flight Operations - Charting & Aviation Data - Cabin & Flight Crew Apps - Flight Planning & Optimization - Electronic Flight Bag & Moving Map We work across languages, platforms, and domains to support your development needs: - Assisting with projects - Maintain existing software - Extending the capacity of your team - Management and integration of data, devices & apps - Mobile transition of legacy applications - iOS/Android/Windows Whether you need assistance with complex cloud deployments, enterprise software development or mobile apps - Eagle Cap can help. We have extensive experience with multimodal data sets including weather, aeronautical, street map, nautical charts, topographic, DTED, CADRG, and FLIP.