About Us

Electrofluidsystems is specialized in developing ai swarm controlled aircrafts and lighter-than-air vehicles with innovative plasma flow control and novel plasma propulsion systems for future transport and ISR applications. The near-term vision for 2021-2022 is to have small package drones with 1.11 - 1.66 m wingspan: 1. PlasmaFalcon 1.11 with 6 - 11 kg maximum take-off weight (MTOW) and 2. PlasmaRay 1.11 with 11 - 18 kg MTOW in 2021. The PlasmaRay 1.11 will also have different variants with hydrogen (H2) fuel cell modules to demonsrate zero carbon technologies as a 1:6 scale model for the futuristic air taxi concept H2PlasmaRay 6.66 with two passengers.