About Us

Founded in 2014 by two drone enthusiasts who made drones in their free time for their leisure, Escadrone first started by selling services and artisanal drones in the audiovisual field.

It then diversified by offering training and drones that were not of its design for sale while opening up to areas other than audiovisual. Initially, the training was provided by Nicolas Hebert, founder of Escadrone, with his experience as a designer and drone operator. We then surrounded ourselves with a team of trainers in order to be able to meet the training needs in the major cities of France. 

From the year 2016, Escadrone offers its first flying wings, in 2017, it begins the sale of professional software. As of 2018, Escadrone focuses its activities on design, distribution, training and customer support.

A pioneer in the creation, sale, certification of drones and training in its uses and professions, the company positions itself as an expert in its field and knows its players and the products on the market perfectly. Escadrone will be able to advise you on any purchase or type of drone use.