About Us

Do you know how much distance an order picker walks in a day? 15 kilometers (9 miles). That’s 15 kilometers in a gigantic warehouse just to find the 2 items you ordered on the internet during your lunch break. Exotec’s signature solution, The Skypod system, utilizes robots that can reach a height of 12 meters (36 feet) to enable high-density inventory storage and retrieval.

Thanks to its fleets of robots, capable of moving in three dimensions, Exotec has revolutionized the way its customers organize their warehouses and logistics flows. Exotec offers a clear alternative to traditional warehouse automation solutions: elegant collaboration between human and robot workers that delivers sustainable warehouse productivity.

What differentiates the Skypod system from its competitors? Exotec offers an agile solution capable of following the growth of its customers by simply adding robots and racks and can be deployed in a matter of months, not years, with little to no disruptions of operations.

After the first successful deployment of its system in 2017, Exotec now supports 50+ industry-leading brands spanning e-commerce, grocery, retail, manufacturing, and 3PL sectors and employs over 300 people globally.