About Us

We are developing the next-generation manufacturing software platform for modern manufacturers. ion is a factory operating system that accelerates manufacturing and tracks parts and processes from prototype to full-scale production.

Hardware companies of every size - from startups to large scale manufacturers - use ion to reliably track and manage parts, processes, and data through their product life cycle.

Our customers are building complex products such as NASA’s lunar lander, next generation eVTOLs, in-space satellite propulsion, robotic farms, and more. We believe in empowering engineers, operators, and managers with the proper tools to push the boundaries of the physical world and build a brighter tomorrow.

The First Resonance team consists of hardware, software, mechanical, electrical, data, and manufacturing engineers from some of the top manufacturing companies in the world like SpaceX, NASA, Lexus, and Toyota. If you’re interested in reshaping the physical world, come join the movement at https://firstresonance.io