About Us

Five is building self-driving software components and development platforms to help autonomy programs solve the industry’s greatest challenges. In doing so, we will help turn today’s promising engineering systems into tomorrow’s trusted mobility solutions and improve the lives of millions of people, in countless ways. We’ve learnt a lot from successfully building our own high-functioning, complete self-driving system and testing it on London’s public roads. We now define our mission in two ways: 1. Deliver advanced online components that address the most under-solved challenges in self-driving systems. 2. Build a modular, cloud-based platform that delivers performance and scale for system development and assurance. To make this a reality, we’re looking for creative problem-solvers and practical doers from a range of backgrounds in areas such as software engineering, robotics, machine learning, computer vision, AI, mathematics, control engineering, software assurance, simulation, verification and motor sport. We welcome people from all backgrounds, at all levels. If you’re talented, ambitious, and want to build the future with an incredibly smart, friendly, creative and inclusive team, we’d love to hear from you.