About Us

Fly Right Systems is a startup owned by Shana Whitmarsh and Peter Whitmarsh, Co-Founders and Inventors. At Fly Right Systems we save lives and we're making it easier and safer to fly UAV drones. We've been working in stealth mode since 2005 on technologies that will redefine how energy is used, increasing small UAV flight times and ways to track and report drones flying in unauthorized air spaces. We've invented a green renewable batteryless energy source that will make its debut in a small but powerful package: as the power source for a UAV drone that can stay in the air for 2+ hours. The new drone will be ideal for commercial, military/defense, law enforcement and first responder uses. Subsequent models will have longer flight durations. The drone tracking and notification system that we've invented can be used on aircraft, at airports and other secure locations like military bases, hospitals and prisons. It can also at your house, so when your daughter's sunbathing in the back yard, you won't have to worry about airborne voyeurs and peeping Toms. It sounds funny until it happens to your family.