About Us

Franka Emika is a Munich-based robotics company founded in 2016 by Sami Haddadin and his brother Simon together with a long-standing team of experts. Since its founding, the company is growing continuously and has reached 200 employees. Franka Emika pioneered robotics with a human sense of touch, which was recognized as one of Germany’s most important inventions over the last 140 years, is known to have a unique human-arm-like dexterity, being agile and safe. Franka Emika produces its robots in Germany and offers unique intelligent software which is easy-to-use thanks to its intuitive robot app framework. The online platform Franka World interconnects customers, partners, developers and robots. It provides centralized and remote management of Franka Emika robots, and access to a growing ecosystem of accredited software and hardware.Think it, Make it.