About Us

Look to the sky and see the future! FulcrumAir is a team of respected professionals, driven to serve and support multiple industries throughout Canada and the US with groundbreaking commercial drone and aerial robotic services. Our love for technology and flight has led us to engineer and manufacture heavy-lift and mapping drones, including our exclusive E7500 and E2500 systems. In addition to our UAV lineup, we have successfully developed the LineFly, a fully autonomous robot that installs bird flight diverters precisely, safely and efficiently. With their practical ruggedness, large-scale and industry-leading performance, our machines can provide infrastructure inspections, forestry and power line mapping using thermal, orthographic and LiDAR hardware, and the installation of bird flight diverters. Designed to be robust, withstanding harsh environments, our machines deliver on the requirements of our customers by using customized and innovative solutions. By using a cutting-edge approach, we increase efficiency in aerial projects, improve the health and safety of your operations, reduce costs, and assist you in managing your assets effectively. Our industry-leading technology, backed with our strong understanding of regulations, world-class design and engineering, and customizable solutions, approaches your toughest challenges with proven results. If you have an application that could benefit from using our technology, please contact FulcrumAir today at (833) 457-8844 or at info@fulcrumair.com. FulcrumAir Corp is our US division located in Wellington, Colorado. We are very excited about our US expansion as we now offer our services nationwide providing effective solutions for all of North America.