About Us

GarudaUAV is a leading drone services and software company in India. GarudaUAV provides services like Construction Survey, Railway Inspection, Disaster relief activities, Tower Inspection, Solar Thermal Inspection, Aerial Videography, Aerial Photography, Power line inspection and Corporate/PR videos. GarudaUAV gathers high quality UAV data by using in-house operation teams. Aerial imagery collected by us helps in generating point clouds, 3D outputs like orthophoto, DTM/DSM, asset inspection reports and more. Our in-house flight planning app enables customer to perform inspection/mapping by their own . Our web platform provides user a work space where the flight details and data is stored that can be monitored and analyzed. Our prime customers include Indian Railways, National Highway Authority of India, Ernst & Young, GE Power, AAM Group, Eden Renewables, Yara Fertilizers, ACME Cleantech, Renew Power and Nagar Nigam Varanasi.