About Us

Founded in 2008 by Jérôme Laplace, Génération Robots is a leading European company specialised in service robotics and programmable robots. Based in Bordeaux, France, our company has a strong international orientation. Our two main activities are: • The distribution of programmable robots on a European scale with a focus on education, research, but also the Makers community • The conception and implementation of advanced solutions for service robots Our fast growing company has established itself as a major European player in the service robotics markets, mainly in the fields of education and research. We also have a Professional Service-Robotics Engineering Department – affectionately known as the GR Lab – that specialises in the development of customised professional service-robotics solutions. The GR Lab’s team of enthusiastic, experienced engineers and doctors are your best choice if you’re looking for help with setting up a project involving service robots. Our engineers can help define your requirements and evaluate the feasibility of your idea. Once the specifications have been validated by our team and your project manager, we can develop and then integrate the solution best meeting your needs.