About Us

Understand wherever.

Accurate and actionable drone data from anywhere in the world,

accessed through one single platform

Globhe guides organizations to make better decisions through drone data. We offer organizations accurate and actionable drone data from anywhere in the world through a single platform.

The platform is a leading curated marketplace connecting local drone operators with organizations that need drone data of the highest quality. By creating the sharpest view of reality, Globhe enriches our communities and impacts our planet.

At Globhe, we have a tremendous team of 'Globians' with a deep passion for fighting climate change and making the world a better place. Our drone data platform is our tool to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges while improving our client operations at the same time. Each team member is outstanding in their field, and all together, we are the cornerstones to make Globhe grow and succeed on its journey to creating a better future with drones.

Our utopia is a world where every community is enriched and thriving, and thus, our planet is thriving. We use drones to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and assist local communities. Our brand name, Globhe, is short for global health putting our vision of creating a better future for people and the planet at the core of everything we do.